• This painting was a gift from Dahl. It was a token of gratitude to Thorvaldsen for a marble version of a portrait bust that Thorvaldsen had modelled of him in Rome in 1821 and which Dahl had just received in 1830. In a letter from Dresden, Dahl wrote to Thorvaldsen: As I thought it would especially interest you to own a painting that can take you back in thought to our beloved Denmark, and as I had just such a work finished – one that was at first destined elsewhere, but which I thought you would appreciate better – I decided you should have it. It is a Danish naval brig at anchor in the harbour at Copenhagen, with a number of buildings and the crane on Holmen in the light of evening, when the sails are being furled beneath the yards. The original of the Dahl bust can be seen in the museum’s collection.

Motiv / Tema