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Bertel Thorvaldsen, Recumbent Lion, No earlier than May 1825, A121

Bertel Thorvaldsen's Art and Collections. The Complete Catalogue

Catalogue content
Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Art and Collections. The Complete Catalogue unites three catalogues.

1) Thorvaldsen's Art in and outside Thorvaldsens Museum

Catalogue raisonné of Bertel Thorvaldsen's sculptures and drawings, in and outside Thorvaldsens Museum, produced in the course of his life (1770-1844) plus a small number of posthumous works:

Thorvaldsen's sculptures at ThM (A)

Thorvaldsen's sculptures outside ThM (AX)

Thorvaldsens drawings at ThM (C)

Thorvaldsens drawings outside ThM (CX) (not fully updated yet)

2) Thorvaldsen's Collections at Thorvaldsens Museum

Complete catalogue of Thorvaldsen's collections at Thorvaldsens Museum, including a number of objects added posthumously to his collections:

Collection of Paintings (B)

Collection of Drawings (D)

Collection of Prints (E)

Collection of Medals (F)

Collection of Sculptures (G)

Collection of Antiquities (H)

Collection of Gems (I)

Collection of Coins (K) (not included yet)

Collection of Casts (L)

Collection of Books (M) (not included yet)

Thorvaldseniana (N)

3) The Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø Mansion

Complete catalogue of the Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø Mansion, Præstø, Denmark:

Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø Mansion (Nysø)

Authorities and guidelines followed in the catalogue
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SARA, The Agency for Culture and Palaces, Denmark (read more here)

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Catalogue information
Please note that all catalogue records are reviewed periodically and that they are subject to change. We are always looking to improve our records. If you have any missing information about an object or if you have caught an error, then we would much appreciate to hear from you.

Missing photos
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Accessibility Statement
Accessibility Statement

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