• November 1840 - 26.1.1841
  • Sculpture > Relief


  • The scene derives from Genesis 24, where old Abraham asks his servant Eliezer to go to Mesopotamia to find his son Isaac a wife of his own family to ensure its continuation without introducing alien blood. When the servant arrives in Nahor’s city, he prays to God: … O Lord … speed my errand today… I have taken up my post by this well, and the daughters of the citizens will be coming out to draw water. It may be that one of them, when I ask her to let down her pitcher and give me drink, will say, Here is drink for thee, and I will water thy camels as well. Let this be the bride thou hast chosen for thy servant Isaac. And so it happens. Scarcely has he finished his prayer before Rebecca comes with her pitcher, from which she allows Eliezer to drink. When it also emerges that she is a member of Abraham’s family, Eliezer can confidently take her home, where Isaac marries her according to his father’s wishes.


  • Width 183.3 cm
  • Height 94 cm
  • Nysøe d. 26 Janua[r] 1841