• 1807 - 1810
  • Drawing


  • Thorvaldsen worked for several years on the motifs in this drawing. A number of them, for instance the reclining figure of Venus, go back to the studies of Antiquity he undertook during his early years in Rome. In 1810, he executed both a very carefully prepared, sketched self-portrait and a closely related portrait bust. The detailed study in this drawing of the back of the head with the great shock of hair, so characteristic of Thorvaldsen, is directly related to both works.


  • Width 234 mm
  • Height 395 mm
  • Gode Ven! Jeg griber denne Leglighed at skrive et / Par Linier i Hr. Stubbs Brev da jeg ikke veed D[eres] / adresse De har aarsag at være vred paa mig / ..med ....havde[?].. Venskab[?]
  • Inscription