• 1853
  • Painting


  • The time after his return to Copenhagen in 1838 was a particularly busy period for Thorvaldsen. There were many tasks to be attended to, and there were endless requests to see the famous sculptor in a social setting. In the long run, it undermined his strength. In this situation, Nysø near Præstø came to act as a refuge where the old man could get the hectic life in the capital at a distance and gather his strenth. The person behind these visits to the Zealand mansion was Baroness Christine Stampe of Nysø, who did everything to ensure that Thorvaldsen was left in peace to work. In this painting, which was made almost ten years after Thorvaldsen’s death, we see the Stampe family in front of the fine, baroque mansion of Nysø (1671-73). The low, yellow wing on the left of the painting was fitted out in 1926 as the Thorvaldsen Collection at Nysø – a small museum that is open to the public during the summer months.


  • Width 112 cm
  • Height 74 cm
  • PSkovgaard-1853
  • Signature

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