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Christ, A82
  • Production Date

    Presumably November 1821 - No later than January 1822
  • Type of Work / Object

    Sculpture > Statue


  • Thorvaldsen’s sculpture, depicting Christ, was one of his most popular works. It was originally ordered by Slotsbygningskommissionen (the commission for building castles) to stand in the Castle Church at Christiansborg Palace, but later – while Thorvaldsen was in Copenhagen in 1819-20 – it was decided to instead place it in the apsis, the southernmost end, of Vor Frue Kirke (the Church of Our Lady) by the high alter. Later the statue was copied in numerous casts and different sizes and was placed in the houses of worship of several different religions in the U.S. and Europe. In a smaller size it could also be found in several Danish village churches. The sculpture depicts the resurrected Christ revealing himself to the congregation with marks on his hands and feet from the crucifixion.

Motif / Theme


  • Height 345 cm

Sources / Literature