• Herman Schubart was a member of the leading circles in Denmark, but as a diplomat he worked abroad – from 1801 in Italy. There, Thorvaldsen struck up a friendship with him and his Dutch wife, Jacqueline Elisabeth, née de Wieling. And especially she was of great importance to Thorvaldsen, who was often a guest in the couple’s country house outside Livorno. However, Baroness Schubart died in 1814, and her husband commissioned this sepulchral relief, showing the sorrowing baron at his wife’s deathbed together with the genius of death dipping the torch and extinguishing it against the ground. However, the relief was never delivered to Schubart. After the death of his wife he declined both personally and financially. Consequently, he was unable to pay for the work, and Thorvaldsen kept the relief.

Motiv / Tema


  • Width 93.5 cm
  • Height 58.9 cm
    • Herman Schubart
  • 26.3.1814
  • Corvette Galathea, Livorno-Copenhagen, 8.8.1833 - 20.9.1833
  • 60